University Cafeteria

UFG has three Cafeterias (commonly called by the students as RU, as the acronyms of the name in Portuguese: Restaurante Universitário). Wich one is located in one of the three UFG Campi. 


Location of the University Cafeteria in Goiânia (Campus Samambaia):

Location of the University Cafeteria in Goiânia (Campus Colemar Natal e Silva, Setor Universitário):

Location of the University Cafeteria in the Campus of City of Goiás:

In the Goiânia Campi (Samambaia and Colemar Natal e Silva), the price of the meal for undergratuated students is R$4,00 (four Reais) and for graduated students and the community (not affiliated with UFG) is R$16,80 (sixteen Reais e eighty Centavos). The meal is commonly composed of rice, beans, one type of protein that varies everyday (also there's an option of protein for vegetarian and vegan people), salad, a fruit and juice. This kind of meal is served for lunch and diner.

Breakfast is served each morning and commonly consist of fruit, bread and an accompaniment for the bread (like butter, jelly or ham). For drinking, there is coffe, tea and milk (with the vegan option of milk as well). The cost of breakfast is R$2,50 (two Reais and fitfy Centavos) for undergraduated students and R$7,66 (seven Reais and sixty six Centavos) for posgraduate and the general public.

The daiyly menu is posted on ufg's Instagram stories (@ufg_oficial).

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