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Typical food and places to eat in Goiânia

In addition to the University Cafeteria, there are other food options on the UFG campuses in Goiânia.

Inside the Samambaia Campus there are several snack bars to have breakfast or snacks throughout the day, such as the DCE Cafeteria, the EMAC Cafeteria, Mrs. Verinha (a woman who sells homemade snacks and who is located in the pantry of Faculty of Letters) and the Reuni Cafeteria. Reuni also functions as a restaurant, offering self-service food at lunchtime.Close to the School of Veterinary and Animal Science (Escola de Veterinária e Zooctenica - EVZ) and the School of Agronomy (Escola de Agronomia - EA), we have the Agronomy School Canteen (click here to see the location) and there is also a restaurant inside the Emater building.

On Avenida Esperança, outside the Samambaia Campus, but very close to it, we have several restaurants such as: Gurupi Restaurante (better known as Pamonharia -, Restaurante Fogão Caipira (https://www, Subway (franchised sandwich chain), several snack bars, among other options. There are also other possibilities around Avenida Esperança, just search for “restaurants near me” or “restaurants near Campus Samambaia” on Google and you will have information about location, days and opening times.

There is a mall 5 km from the Samambaia Campus called Passeio das Águas Shopping, where there is a variety of restaurant options for lunch, snacks and dinner.

On the Colemar Natal e Silva Campus (in the University Sector) there is also a University Restaurant, which operates in the same way as R.U. do Samambaia. In the surroundings and within the Colemar Natal e Silva Campus there are also several varieties of snack bars and restaurants, which you can find by searching for “restaurants near me”, “snack bars near me” or “restaurants near Praça Universitária” on Google.


Local Cuisine

One of the most emblematic dishes is the famous empadão goiano. Made with crispy dough and stuffed with pork, chicken, sausage, cheese, and pequi, this delight is an explosion of flavors and aromas that mesmerizes everyone who tries it.

Another Goiás specialty is pequi, a typical fruit of the region. Its strong presence in the local cuisine is notable in pequi ricei, a dish that combines the citrus flavor and intense fragrance of the fruit with white rice, creating a unique combination. The experience of eating pequi in Goiás is remarkable. Eating pequi makes it possible to connect with the local identity and provides a little piece of the local culinary tradition. It is important to receive guidance to enjoy it safely, since pequi has thorns in its core - you must not bite it, as it can result in injuries!

Another traditional and much appreciated dish is galinhada goiana. Made with rice, chicken, seasonings and spices, it's a hearty, flavorful meal perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Pamonha and rice with pork backbone are also highlights of the Goiás cuisine. Pamonha is a delicacy made from green corn, wrapped in corn leaves and cooked, resulting in a creamy and tasty mass. Rice with pork backbone, on the other hand, consists of a combination of rice, pork backbone, and seasonings, resulting in a dish with a striking and irresistible flavor.

To end a meal in Goiás on a high note, be sure to try the typical sweets, such as dulce de leche, queijadinha, and rice pudding. These desserts are a real treat, with flavors that refer to the culinary traditions of Goiás. 

In Setor Universitário there is a restaurant specialized in pasta called Abruzzo (click here to see the location). It operates at lunch and dinner times. Close to the Setor Leste Universitário, there is a self-service restaurant called Júnior (click here to see the location), specialized in typical Brazilian food. Another very famous typical Brazilian food restaurant is Chão Nativo, which has a locations in Setor Oeste and another in Setor Bueno. You have to try the famous Brazilian barbecue. Some famous steakhouses are called Nativas Grill and Favo de Mel.

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